Thursday, February 2, 2012

Parenting is a Process....

 I received a call last night from a wonderful mother who wanted to know if my daughter, Bella, who is five years old, could have a play-date at their house after preschool today. This will be the first time Bella has gone to a friends house to play without mommy. She is beyond excited! Myself on the other hand got a little wacko. You know, the usual thing mothers do before play-dates. Called my husband to see if he thought  BELLA was ready for this big step. In NO WAY was I checking to see if I was ready for this step.  I went online to Mapquest to see how far away they lived from us. A little nuts?  Maybe. Don't judge me, I know what your thinking, Mapquest, Really??  I had to know where she would be in case they needed me to pick her up in the rare incident that Bella might miss me too much.  I like to think of it as protective parenting and I’m okay with that.  Bella wants me to be at her school today at the end of her class so I can give her hugs and kisses before she goes to play. This makes me happy and gives me some relief.  Another important item to note is that the family she will be with for these few short hours today is wonderful. They are such kindhearted people.
Bella will be gone for a few extra hours today. If this is a preview of what a whole day away from her will be like this fall once she starts kindergarten I am in NO WAY ready.  Parenting is a process, I am stuck in the “I know it’s time to give a little freedom” stage and the “I CANT LET GO AT ALL”  stage…Please tell me this does get easier??

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  1. I have no idea if it gets easier, but I've heard it does. It makes sense that it's hard to let go.